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Gold or Silver Scroll-Link Single or Double Strand Nose Chain

Gold Scroll Link Nose Chain from Nose to Ear Studio

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Unique gold or silver plated single (1) or double (2) strand scroll-link chain. The gold looks like a bright gold.

Features a fish hook earring.

Single strand and double top strand measure just a bit over 5 inches.

You choose one of the following Nose Hoop Options:
No nose hoop (if you already have a hoop you want to use with it).
Just the Chain Option which is the chain strand(s) with a jump ring on each end, with no clasp, hoop or earring (See picture 4 for example).
Clasp on End which is a clasp on the end of the nose chain so you can hook it on to a nose hoop you are already wearing (Picture #3).
1 Seamless gold plated nose hoop in 20g (20 gauge), 18g (18 gauge) or 12g (12 gauge) (See picture #3).
1 Non-Pierced Illusion Hoop for a non-pierced nose (Picture #3).

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